Product Spotlight: Soft Touch Portraits

On Valentine’s Day, we spotlight our most romantic product line — Soft Touch Boudoir Portraits. 

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What IS "Soft Touch"?

When we began creating elegant romantic portraits of women, Glamour Shots® were huge and their studios were everywhere. We did our share of “shots” with lots of make-up and lots of big hair… but we were never really fond of that look. Our style was softer and prettier, much more boudoir than glamour, but “Boudoir” was a new term and we could never remember how to spell it, so we called them “Soft Touch”.

Your Soft Touch Session does include our wonderful stylist, who helps you with hair and make-up, but it’s not a “makeover” session… we don’t want you to look like someone else.

Who should get one?

DSC_4859 copy copy.jpg

In many years of doing boudoir sessions, we’ve had the pleasure to work with all kinds, and ages, and sizes of clients. Clients in their twenties are often creating a wonderful Groom Gift for an upcoming wedding. (Some of our wedding packages include a Soft Touch Groom Gift Session, but we also photograph a number of brides who are not booked with us for their wedding.) Either way, there is simply no better Groom Gift than an intimate album of you!

To be honest though, most Soft Touch clients are women in the 35 to 50 age ranges… Why are their sessions so often the very best? We think it’s because they are more confident, and also because they usually tell us they are doing it as a fun treat for themselves… and maybe as a gift for their special guy too… (But mostly for fun.) 

Of course, if you’re having lots of fun at your session, you are going to look great!

So. Much. Fun!

Everyone who experiences a Soft Touch Portrait Sessions leaves talking about how much FUN she had. There is just something uplifting and energizing about being pampered and feeling beautiful for a few hours. The gorgeous pictures that come later are just an added bonus!

While Valentine’s Day is the time of year that we emphasize Soft Touch Boudoir Portraits, the fact is that we do them all year. Soft Touch portraits are usually given as a gift, but that gift might be a birthday or anniversary — not just Valentine’s Day. (Although, as we said, many times they are really “just for fun”)

Fabulous 40/Fantastic 50


Another big occasion for scheduling a session seems to be milestone birthdays… so much so, that we have created special “Fabulous Forty” and “Fantastic Fifty” packages for women who want to celebrate just how fabulous they are at this point in their lives… We always point out that a little digital magic can take care of a line here, or an extra pound there, but there is no way to digitally enhance the grace and beauty that comes with experience.

Schedule a Consultation

The biggest problem we have with Soft Touch Portraits is showing them to you…

Because of the intimate style of portraits most clients choose, we do not share many sample images here on our website. The only way to see examples of Soft Touch images is to make an appointment for a Consultation and come view them in person.

We hope that you will do just that — please call the studio T-F, 10-5 or use the contact form anytime, to schedule your own consultation.

Be a Model

While we’re on the topic of Soft Touch samples and our website… we would love to have at least a few more sample images to show.

If you would be interested in a FREE session as well as a special package in exchange for allowing us to use some of your more “tame” images as online samples, please contact us.

Our brochure says, 

“When you see the breathtaking images of ordinary women who look extraordinary, you’ll want to schedule your own Session!” 

With that in mind, the best applicant should be 35 – 50 and not look like a fashion model, but rather, like a “real” person. Please give us a call if that person is you!

What could go wrong?

You might be a little nervous before your wedding...

You might be a little nervous before your wedding...

Wedding Expert Series

A few years ago, we had a wedding at Quincy University Chapel. All the pictures had been taken, and guests and family had left to go to the reception… It was just down to the Bridal Party and us. The Bride wanted to do "just a couple more pictures" on the steps of Francis Hall, so the Best Man started the couple's car to cool it down, and then left in a different car with the rest of the wedding party -- locking the keys in the running car.

We stayed with the couple, made a few calls, and got another key… and the reception went on as planned, only a few minutes late.

Sometimes, little things just get turned around... 

Sometimes, little things just get turned around... 

I always tell our Brides,

"Some little thing will probably go wrong on your wedding day -- but that's OK, because the goal is that at the end of the day, you will be married. As long as that happens, the wedding was successful. Everything else is just details."

Now why would we even bring up the possibility of something going wrong at a wedding? (We DON'T, on the day of the Wedding… but we may mention it during the early stages of planning.)

At Coonrod Photography, we are Wedding Experts.


When we say that we are "Experts", we aren't trying to brag. "Expert" is just another way of saying,

"we've already seen that happen before, and we know what to do…"

Does having a Wedding Expert mean that it won't rain, or that nothing "unexpected" will occur at your wedding? No -- but it does mean that if things don't go exactly according to plan, we'll know what to do. We won't panic, won't get upset, and we guarantee that no matter what, the memories of your perfect wedding will be captured and preserved in a beautiful storybook album that you'll treasure forever.

Raindrops just add more sparkle...

Raindrops just add more sparkle...

Dangerous Senior Portraits!

First of all, I think we've had enough rain. I know my basement could use a rest.

Of course, with all this water, it's a lot easier to find great Senior Portrait locations in the various parks around town. Last summer, we couldn't use all of our favorite spots because there was simply no water left in many of the creeks, and it looked pretty desolate in some areas!

Yesterday, we went out to one of the parks along the north bluffs for some great images of Nick next to an overflowing creek.

Nick, in an undisclosed location...

Of course, we do lots of Senior Portraits in and around various creeks and rivers,  but most of the time there's not that much danger of the Senior being swept out to sea.

Not so yesterday...


In the end, Nick survived and we got some really great Senior Portraits that his mom will love!

Summer is one of the BEST times for Senior Portraits... especially if you are in lots of activities during the year. AND, summer is the time for our Summer Senior Special - If you schedule your 2014 Senior Portrait before school starts, your Session Fee will be deducted from your package order! This could be a savings of $100 or more!

Please call the studio today (217-228-1385) to schedule yours.

What if the Weather's Bad?

Today is the last day of school in Quincy, so that means two things here at Coonrod Photography.

One: Today is my wife Jean's LAST DAY of teaching at Quincy Jr. High... HAPPY RETIREMENT Sweetheart!

Two: Today is the day that the class of 2014 can begin to call themselves, "Seniors".

Lots of Seniors like to schedule their Portrait Session in the summer before their final year of school... because that final year is usually pretty full! Especially for Seniors who are active in sports, or music, or theater -- or all of the above!

Most Seniors get outdoor portraits along with their studio session, and the first question they ask is, "What if the weather is bad?"

Well, of course, we usually just re-schedule... but who says bad weather is always...bad?

Looking at the BIG Picture...

Here is a special project we've been working on recently...

30x60 inch Family Portrait

This is a 30x60 inch portrait we just finished for a great family in our Kid's Club. We will be personally delivering it in the morning.

We typically show samples of portraits in 20x24 or 24x30, and a lot of people say,

"Whoa! We can't hang that in our house -- we don't have room".

But as you can see, this FIVE FOOT WIDE portrait looks incredible hanging over the couch on the eight foot wall of our 8x18 waiting room. (I will almost guarantee that your living room is wider than 8 feet.)

This portrait is an example of our Portrait Commission Series. At our studio, we have our basic portraiture, the "Works Package" series, and Portrait Commissions.

The Portrait Commission is for those who have an idea... or a "vision" for something that is a little different, something that is not on the regular menu. A Portrait Commission starts with a call or a visit to the studio and some brainstorming. Do you want to incorporate a GIANT tractor and planter into a GIANT print? Do you want a set of "Day in the Life" portraits? What about a destination, or a series of images over time, or... whatever you can imagine? 

Needless to say, we LOVE doing Commissions, because they require us to stretch! Sometimes Portrait Commissions are a little higher in price than the regular menu items... but not always. Sometimes they are just different and unique.

If you have an idea for something "different", please give us a call, or use the Contact Us here on the website. There is no charge to come in and tell us about your dream, and we would be thrilled to try and make it come true!

Here's a closer look!

Business and Professional Portraits

Visit Linkedin or look at the business page in the newspaper. Does every profile picture  present a professional image? How many don't even have a profile picture?

Is this YOUR profile image?

Is this YOUR profile image?

What about you? Do you have an image that enhances your professional image, or does your profile look like this:

It's important to project a professional image to the public, so why is it that so few of us do?

You may imagine that having a Business Portrait made is going to be a long, painful, and frustrating experience... but after it’s over in 10 or 15 minutes, most of our clients tell us, “That was actually kind of fun!”

Give us 20 minutes of your time and as little as $65.

You won’t wait in line, and no one will try to sell you extras you don’t need. We'll take about a half dozen simple head-and-shoulder poses.

You will look pleasant and professional.

Pick out the one you like best online... or, let the image experts pick it out for you. Your Portrait is fully enhanced and delivered in multiple sizes and resolutions for publication and on the web.

You would never arrive at an important meeting not looking professional... you should project that same level of professionalism online and in print.

Please call or use the "Contact Us" form to schedule your Business Portrait Session today.

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

On Friday, we saw the Quincy Community Theatre's production of "Godspell" with a group of friends. Since we photographed the dress rehearsal, and saw the preview show with the church youth group, this makes the third time to see this particular production.

The show is great, and I found myself singing along (in my mind) to most of the songs, and remembering most of the words, since we sang them in high school chorus back in the dawn of time.

Fine performance, great set, and fun costumes all made a very enjoyable evening.

John the Baptist sings, "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord"

John the Baptist sings, "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord"

"Turn the other cheek"

"Turn the other cheek"

"You are the Light of the World"

"You are the Light of the World"


March is unusually busy this year -- we've been flying from one thing to the next.

This week is "Dance Week", as we photograph the beautiful dancers at Vancil Performing Arts in their Recital costumes. Each girl gets an individual portrait in each costume, and we also photograph each group.

In between the "official" pictures, Alexis and Kenzie decided they wanted to try something special, and this is what we came up with!

Alexis & Kenzie... Flying.

If you are a Vancil Dance parent and you checked  "Post on Facebook" on your order form, be sure to like our Facebook Page so you will be notified when the pictures are posted. Just click the link at the bottom of this page to go there!

How Do I Order My Portraits?

Why No Disks or Online Proofing?

Imagine you hire a designer like those guys on HGTV to create a new interior for your home. Suppose she hands you a stack of paint samples and says,

"Take these home and pick out the one you like, then let me know."

Would you feel cheated?

When your Portrait images are ready to be viewed, we like to show them to you first at our studio — in our special private projection room, adequately sized so you can see all the fine details.

First you will experience a moving slide presentation of all the images, set to music. Then, after you have seen each individual image, we will help you review the images, comparing them, examining them... until you have chosen the very best poses to fulfill all your needs; whether a large home décor piece, or a collection of smaller images to display as a grouping, or to give as gifts.

Sometimes clients ask if we can just "post them online so we can pick out what we want"... but we look at that as the designer just handing you the paint chips. Most people, after ordering in person at the studio, agree that it is much easier to decide when you can see all the images on the big screen, the same size that they will be on your walls at home, and they agree that it is helpful to have an expert to consult during the ordering process.

Now — to be honest — sometimes it is not feasible to return to the studio for viewing and ordering... sometimes we make family portraits while everyone is home for the holidays, or there is some other reason why the decision makers cannot come to the studio. In those cases, we can post images online... but it is definitely not our preferred method.

Of course, the most important thing is for you to get exactly the right images for your needs, and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen!

Backgrounds and Props


We have lots of different backgrounds and props, but really, that's not what makes a great portrait. A portrait is supposed to show your personality.

We'll use the right background and the right props to help your portrait look good, but we won't clutter your image with unnecessary props.

Remember, the main attraction of your portrait is YOU!