Dangerous Senior Portraits!

First of all, I think we've had enough rain. I know my basement could use a rest.

Of course, with all this water, it's a lot easier to find great Senior Portrait locations in the various parks around town. Last summer, we couldn't use all of our favorite spots because there was simply no water left in many of the creeks, and it looked pretty desolate in some areas!

Yesterday, we went out to one of the parks along the north bluffs for some great images of Nick next to an overflowing creek.

Nick, in an undisclosed location...

Of course, we do lots of Senior Portraits in and around various creeks and rivers,  but most of the time there's not that much danger of the Senior being swept out to sea.

Not so yesterday...


In the end, Nick survived and we got some really great Senior Portraits that his mom will love!

Summer is one of the BEST times for Senior Portraits... especially if you are in lots of activities during the year. AND, summer is the time for our Summer Senior Special - If you schedule your 2014 Senior Portrait before school starts, your Session Fee will be deducted from your package order! This could be a savings of $100 or more!

Please call the studio today (217-228-1385) to schedule yours.