The "Have it All" Family Portrait Option

The Family Portrait Session was pretty typical; Mom and Dad, three grown kids -- one married with a baby boy, and (great) grandparents. The location was the family farm, on a pretty spring morning.

Andi, the mom/grandma made all the arrangements (also pretty typical), and we had a fun time photographing the family while visiting and trying to get the dog and the baby to both look at the camera at the same time.

About a week later, Andi came to the studio to see the results, and she loved them all!

She loved the one of the whole family under the tree... but she also loved the one of them on the porch of their home.

Of course she also loved the one with the great-grandparents and grandkids...

But also the one of just the kids... and of course, the new little grandson!

Ultimately, she decided that since she loved them all, she should HAVE them all!

Andi's 24x36 Wall Panel

Andi's 24x36 Wall Panel

We created a unique multi-image composite that incorporated all her favorites into one beautiful 24x36 inch, framed wall art, to be proudly displayed in the home. We also created two more composite images, each slightly different to emphasize different individual images -- one for the great-grandparents, and one for the married son and his young family. These were printed and framed as 16x24 pieces.

The point is, there really AREN'T any "typical" Family Portraits -- because there aren't really any "typical" families. 

Composite Portrait Panels are just one of the many unique products at our studio, in addition to more traditional framed images. The right portrait for your family might be something completely different... but we want you to know that we are ready to work with you to create whatever you desire.


Winter Wakeup Event

It's cold.
It's gray,
and... well frankly -- we're bored!

Christmas is over, school's back in session and everyone is just bundled up in their cocoon.

"Shrek" at QCT, and "The Heiress" at Quincy High School

"Shrek" at QCT, and "The Heiress" at Quincy High School

This is always the slowest time of year at the studio. We had a fun little burst of activity with some theatre events; the Quincy Community Theatre Quilta Awards, QCT's "Shrek", and the QHS Winter Play, "The Heiress". And of course our annual Valentine Special is going on (Valentine's Day is over, but the Special lasts till the end of the month)... but mostly, we're looking for some excitement.

So, to liven things up, we decided to try something new, it's a:

Winter Wake-up Event

What is a Winter Wake-up Event?
Well, that's up to you...

Do you have an idea for an off-beat picture? 
Now is your chance to be creative. Have some fun, think outside the box (or picture frame).
We want to try new things -- you have great ideas -- let's get together. Bring us your ideas: maybe the kids having a snowball fight, maybe a Family Portrait in your jammies in front of the fire. Maybe something you saw on Pinterest... 

Bring us your ideas and inspirations

Bring your ideas and inspirations. It can be just you, your family, your kids... group of friends... group of strangers(?), you name it!

This Portrait may not look that "crazy" or "daring", but YOU try bringing THREE CATS...

This Portrait may not look that "crazy" or "daring", but YOU try bringing THREE CATS...

Be silly, fun, crazy, daring, edgy, creative, artsy..., outrageous!
(Or maybe the only thing outrageous is that you are finally having a portrait made, but that's OK.)

Gather your ideas and call 217-228-1385 (or contact us). We'll talk, we'll plan, and then we'll schedule a time for whatever crazy thing you can think of. 
What if this sounds like fun... but you don't really have any ideas? Don't worry, we've got a few of our own... 

000 fb.jpg



Two-day "Quick Take" Special, April 2 - 3, 2015

The kids are out of school for Easter on Thursday, April 2 and Friday, April 3.

Take advantage of the break and come by the Studio for our "Quick Take" Children and Families Special!

Reserve your quick and easy half-hour, one-outfit appointment and get a fun Studio Session, with your choice of a Framed 11x14 Wall Portrait, -OR- 6 Gift Size (8x10/5x7) Portraits for only $125.

To schedule your Session, or to ask us a question, call us at 217-228-1385 or use this contact form:

Name *
I am interested in
I would like to
I prefer a Session
Please let us know if you prefer morning or afternoon (remember, nap-time is never a good time for toddler portraits!) Let us know if you have any special ideas or plans for your session -- we want you to LOVE your portraits!

A Little Girl with a Great Big Tradition

This is our new friend, Mary. One morning last week, we had a lot of fun getting to meet her and enjoying her wonderful expressions.

Mary is wearing her Christening gown… but it’s not an ordinary dress. Mary’s Great-Great-Grandfather was born in 1900. Early in the year 1901, at the age of 4 months and 22 days, he had his portrait made — in this very Christening gown. That makes the gown 113 years old!

Since that original portrait in 1901, each new baby in Mary’s family has had his or her portrait made in the same gown, at the age of 4 months and 22 days!

So here is 4-month and 22 day-old baby Mary, in her 113-year-old Christening gown carrying on the family tradition. What an honor it was for us to be part of it!

Looking at the BIG Picture...

Here is a special project we've been working on recently...

30x60 inch Family Portrait

This is a 30x60 inch portrait we just finished for a great family in our Kid's Club. We will be personally delivering it in the morning.

We typically show samples of portraits in 20x24 or 24x30, and a lot of people say,

"Whoa! We can't hang that in our house -- we don't have room".

But as you can see, this FIVE FOOT WIDE portrait looks incredible hanging over the couch on the eight foot wall of our 8x18 waiting room. (I will almost guarantee that your living room is wider than 8 feet.)

This portrait is an example of our Portrait Commission Series. At our studio, we have our basic portraiture, the "Works Package" series, and Portrait Commissions.

The Portrait Commission is for those who have an idea... or a "vision" for something that is a little different, something that is not on the regular menu. A Portrait Commission starts with a call or a visit to the studio and some brainstorming. Do you want to incorporate a GIANT tractor and planter into a GIANT print? Do you want a set of "Day in the Life" portraits? What about a destination, or a series of images over time, or... whatever you can imagine? 

Needless to say, we LOVE doing Commissions, because they require us to stretch! Sometimes Portrait Commissions are a little higher in price than the regular menu items... but not always. Sometimes they are just different and unique.

If you have an idea for something "different", please give us a call, or use the Contact Us here on the website. There is no charge to come in and tell us about your dream, and we would be thrilled to try and make it come true!

Here's a closer look!